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Material design like a breeze with Material plugin

Material plugin is the core of Grav Cms Pro system. This micro application provides several shortcodes to handle the powerful Materialize framework in your Grav application. The combination of all these elements results in an easy introduction of Material Design for your website.

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An Atom plugin to manage Material plugin shortcodes

Grav CMS is a flat-file Content Management System, which means website contents are saved into markdown files, instead of saving them in a database.

Due to the nature of this kind of application, we though the best way to have the real control on the website is working directly on the files and not using web interfaces.

For this reason we choose Atom, an awesome editor from Github developers, to manage all our websites.

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Grav CMS Pro website deployment strategy

Website deployment is a serious task. In fact, when you use the wrong strategy, you might go into troubles and have your website completely broke down for a long time.

There are many ways to deploy a website, the best one in our opinion is using git. By default our all projects are managed through git, so leveraging it for deploying our websites was a natural step.

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Powerful web hosting with Dreamhost

Powerful web hosting with Dreamhost