How to handle website shared contents


Share website contents through components

A website has some parts which must be shared through pages. In Centre, contents are shared through the website using components.

In order, to share a content through the website, you must create a component file into a subdirectory placed under the user/components folder. The folder name is not mandatory.

Share the website navbar for the whole site

One of the most common element to share though the whole website is the navbar. So create a navbar.component file under the user/components/shared folder, then paste inside a navbar shortcode like this one:

[m-navbar brand-name="GravCmsPro" transparent="all" sidebar-id="nav-mobile" render="true"]
  [m-menu name="menu0" template="menu/menu" alignment="right" sidebar-id="nav-mobile" submenu="centre,documentation"][/m-menu]

Next, to use the component in your pages just call it as follows:


where SHARED is the folder name and NAVBAR is the file name without extension.

Create a two columns layout

Let's suppose the internal pages of your website requires a two columns layout, the bigger one to show main contents, while the smaller used to render a sidebar.

To handle that layout simple add a new grid_two_columns.component under the user/components/shared folder, then paste inside this code:

[m-component component="grid-two-columns" folder="content" M_ATTRIBUTES="class:margin-top-large"]
  [m-component-item name="COLUMN_1" M_ATTRIBUTES="class:s12 m9 l9"]
  [m-component-item name="COLUMN_2" M_ATTRIBUTES="class:s12 m3 l3"]
    [m-component component="sidebar"] [/m-component]

Each page that uses this component will declare the D_MAIN_CONTENT dictionary item into his own dictionary to handle the main contents, then will use the sidebar component to handle the sidebar.

The sidebar component lives under the user/components folder and might look like this one:

[m-tag tag="div"]
  [m-google-adsense style="display:block" data-ad-client="xxxxxxxx" data-ad-slot="xxxxxxxx" data-ad-format="auto"][/m-google-adsense]

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